Summer course in quality of life 2023

Summer course in quality of life, philosophy of life and health 2023 – week 29, Kurrebo

Theme: Cancel you contract with mom and dad!


Man has two layers: the mind and the life. All good comes from life, all evil from the mind.
By mind here I mean the conditioned mind: all that we have learned about ourselves, other people and the world.


There is also another mind, a lightning-quick, super-intelligent mind that helps us know and understand everything. The Indians call it “lightmind” or “the satvic mind”. This mind exists in life, and only appears when the conditioned mind is dissolved and out of the world.


The conditioned mind consists of thoughts we have come to believe throughout life – thoughts that are not true.


At the beginning of life, we choose our life purpose as our first thought we believe. Life purpose defines our basic talent. From that point on, our lives are about realizing this purpose so that we can give our gift to the world.


However, we soon face a difficult reality in the form of our parents, who are often neurotic and half-crazy. We adapt to the parents in order to get their support and love and survive in the world.


 The customization is active; we rebuild ourselves so that we can fit our parents.


We start as a single conscious cell. This cell, like other cells, is part of the ocean of life, the great life, of which all living things are a completely integrated part. But to fit our parents we must drop from the divine consciousness to the more limited level of the person.


The decline happened initially through what we experience as a dialogue with our parents. The dialogue takes the form of a contract we make with our parents. The contract is an agreement about the terms we submit to as the price of our lives.


The contract defines our first human identity and often binds us to being small, servile, less important than our parents, etc. To get our freedom and vitality back, we have to break this contract. We have to get out of it.


The simplest way out of it is the understanding that the contract was never made between us and our parents, but only between us and the idea of ​​our parents. We carry out the dialogue about our living conditions with imagined parents. The dialogue takes its content from our innate tendencies to believe in negative thoughts – what in India is called “karma”.


Because the contract was illusory from the start, the clear understanding of its nature, form and content means that the contract is deleted (cancelled) automatically.


When we succeed in reliving our earliest time in life – the time in the womb – truth and freedom come to us through the understanding of what happened.


On the course we use techniques for spontaneous regression, such as Hippocratic mind-body medicine, spiritual breathwork, vipassana meditation, etc.


The formula used is the well-known formula for holistic healing: Feel, understand, let go.


Feel all the repressed emotions, relive and understand what happened, and let go of all the false learning you took in the form of thoughts you came to believe. This is the way out of the conditioned mind, which ancient doctors such as Hippocrates already spoke and wrote about.


– The course explains the rationale behind the holistic treatment methods. The most important theories about quality of life, happiness and holistic health are reviewed.


Course management: Søren Ventegodt MD EU.MSc-CAM and psychotherapist Paulina Kordova
Location: Kurrebo, Sånnahult Kurrebo 4, the large hall. Accommodation in a double room/dorm
Form: The course is a boarding course with accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals daily.
Time: Week 29 (dates) Monday at 10 a.m. to Friday at 17.00.
Attire: Comfortable summer clothes, loose clothes for therapy and bodywork. Remember swimwear. Massage etc. techniques can be made naked if desired. Sex between course participants is not permitted during the course, and physical, psychological and sexual boundaries must be respected. Inappropriate behavior results in expulsion without refund of the course fee.
Course fee: 600 EURO/7000 SEK/4500 DKK for everything incl. residence and consumption.


About Søren Ventegodt
Søren Ventegodt is a trained doctor and also has a master’s degree in psychosocial and complementary medicine, including psychoanalysis and sexology. He has worked with quality of life and holistic medicine since 1990, when he became head of the Research Center for Quality of Life at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, a research center of which he is still the head today. He has published over 250 scientific articles (see Søren Ventegodt at and is the author of 25 books, including 8 major textbooks on evidence-based holistic medicine. His research work contains theories for quality of life and happiness, physical, mental and sexual health, theories for human existence, talents, consciousness and subconsciousness. In addition, Søren Ventegodt has published analyzes of a number of indigenous medical systems from all the world’s continents. Søren Ventegodt is 62 years old, boyfriend of Paulina, and father of Alexander and Athena Rose. He currently manages the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine in Denmark and the holistic retreat center in Elsebråne in southern Sweden. He has deposited his medical authorization and works as an alternative therapist in Denmark.

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