Personal Development Workshops and Practitioner Training Courses are based on ‘Quality of Life as Medicine’ offered by the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark. Facilitated by Søren Ventegodt and Pavlína Kordová.

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Sweden: Elsebråne(vägen) 588-8, Sweden (about 2 1/2 hours from Copenhagen by car/train)
You can see the slideshow of Retreat Center Elsebråne here.


Activities / Date / Price:

Summer Course 2023  / Week 29 – July 18-22 2022  / 600  EURO


Other courses (no dates set yet)

Work Week /  discount 1500 DKK for activities
Meditation Retreat /  2800/3000 DKK
Autumn Course / 4500 DKK
5-day Course in happiness and health  / 4500 DKK



The farm is beautiful, spacious and charming but it needs lot of love, care and maintaining. Every year we are opening the season with one work week. You can join the group of happy people, give a hand, live with us for free and get nice discount for summer camp or meditation retreat.  There are a lot of projects going on, so you will always find work you can do (like painting, pluming, carpeting, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc….). Your dedicated efforts are expected 8h a day (9 – 13 and 14 – 18), in the evening we always have a wonderful time – swimming, visiting sauna, bonfire, walks, board games…. etc.



‘Find Your Self – Heal your Life’
Improve your Quality of Life – Be Introduced to the Art of Spontaneous Life Management – Find your True Self. This course is based on the Philosophy of Quality of Life. It will have a profound impact on your quality of life, induce emotional, existential & sexual healing, and improve physical and mental health. It is suitable for anybody who wants to come back their core, live a happy and fulfilling life, has an interest in personal growth, health and spirituality and for those who are interested in developing their medical or therapeutic practice to make it more holistic or in practicing alternative non-drug medicine of any kind.



The above mentioned meditation retreat is for peaceful beingness, meditation and deep contemplation on the meaning, form, style, and values of your (future) life. The week is an opportunity, in a wonderful environment and relaxed atmosphere, for a moment to stop up totally, and look into yourself for a deeper truth. Without any specific agenda just come and live with us and let the days flow freely – and sink into truth. If necessary we offer personal consultations.



In this course we let ourselves be inspired by all that is pointing towards the Self. We combine the great methods from Hippocrates’ holistic medicine with the eastern methods of self-exploration and the Native Americans simple and practical wisdom.
we work with a simple method for self- exploration which is inspired by traditional Hindu and Buddhist methods (modern Buddhist – Hindu syncretism ad modum Ramana Maharshi). In all its simplicity, this method teaches you to observe you thoughts to examine them and find out whether they are true or not. And so often they are not!
Two by two
we work to help each other out. We walk in the footsteps of Hippocrates who combined talk therapy with touch therapy. His idea was that the self-healing forces within us can only work when the difficult feelings from our personal history no longer is held by the body (as described in the famous book collection “Corpus Hippocraticum”).
In the group we use sharing (the “Talking Stick” ritual ) and other rites of the Native Americans (the Yagui and Delicate Lodge traditions).









What people say about our classes:

I would never believe that my life could change so fast. The course was really effective. What I got cannot be expressed in words. Wicked! Marie Válová, Prague November 2014

The lecturers gave us all we needed and more! They are exceptional teachers you will not meet anywhere else. I am grateful I participated. I warmly recommend this course to everybody in need of change. Dana Marečková, Prague November 2014

I recommend this course to anybody who is not happy in his or her life! Start to grow, heal, and get happy! Lucie Luňáková, Prague November 2014

The most important thing for me is that I understood that nobody but me can change my life. The support from the group and from the therapists was great. It was an awesome space filled with good energy. But there is nothing happening without my own will, openness and courage. Thanks you, Pavlína and Søren. I’m so grateful for my new understanding that life is good and much more than just surviving. I know now that happiness is not the privilege of chosen few but the birth right of all human beings. With love. Tereza Mimrová ,Summer Camp July 2014

Pavlína and Janu are great, sensitive and conscious guides on the human path through the traumas and back to the True Self. Hana, Prague April 2014

Thank you, you gave me a hope for a beautiful life. I don’t feel sexuality jet but I feel love. Irena, Prague April 2014

Unique humor of instructors, protected and safe space, wonderful translation. I feel great, thank you. Zuzana, Prague November 2012

Søren’s work has no boundaries or differentiation; gender, country, financial or belief systems. Everything is available to all the only limitations are within our own minds. Once we have seen these and let go of the fear, guilt, shame and injustice we are global in fact universal. Søren’s work enables people to deconstruct our lifetime of conditioning, opening – if they should choose – from suffering to eternal freedom and love. If this work could be given to each individual around our globe as a gift, the people of this world would be more peaceful, loving and beautiful. Søren has this gift offering it to everyone unconditionally and generously. Becky Clare, UK

I would recommend the workshop to everybody who seeks the Truth about them Self. I appreciated the open attitude, the merry atmosphere and the easy way of talking – and the acceptance of everything that happens in life. Simona, Prague, April 2014

Thank you for your support, help, depth and touch. I blossomed in a jasmine flower and I want to show it to the world. I want to live it. Thank you for the opportunity to experience our inner essence. Jana, Prague November 2012

This course cannot be described in words. There is no label or description to be put on it to give it its true value. All I can say is that the 3 days with Søren and the group has changed me and the way I think and feel. I am now comfortable with myself. Something changed within me and I don’t know what it is. I am calm, relaxed and have no worries. I am free from my damaging thoughts and beliefs – I really do feel different! Thank you to everyone involved in this course. Thank you Søren for waking me up! Amy O Mara Ireland March 2011

I loved this course. I feel now that I don’t have to keep looking for people and things to “fix” me. Everything I need is inside of me and I am supported by the universe. Thank you Søren. Michelle Moynihan, Ireland March 2011

This course gave a safe space to explore and resolve long standing issues. Søren’s ability to evaluate and direct us to the issues was a gift to experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him. Thank you. Karen, BodyTalk Practioner, Winchester, UK May 2011


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