Autumn Course / Week 42 – October 12-16 2020

Course in Quality of Life and Holistic Health – where we also talk about the corona pandemic and try to understand what is happening in the world.

Week 42, Elsebråne course center

Monday at 10 – Friday at 16, 4500 DKK including food and accommodation in a single / double room or dormitory.

In the scenic Blekinge, there is peace and quiet to land in yourself and reflect deeply on life.
In this course, we work with self-knowledge and holistic healing, and rely on the classic Hippocratic medicine that works with conversation and body therapy.
In groups, two and two, and alone, we try to get deeper into ourselves and meet life in a simpler and truer way, with less mind and anxiety and distance, and more honesty, presence and truth.

Teachers are Søren Ventegodt, doctor (currently with deposited medical authorization), and Pavlina Kordova, psychotherapist and masseur.

We talk about consciousness and sexuality, about love and fear, about truth and reality, and about how we are all in danger of becoming unreal and disappearing in the mind if we do not make an effort to remain real and present. At the heart of the work is the search for core talents and new opportunities for growth and happiness.
A life-wise, honest and loving meeting with good people, a nice place, in freedom and acceptance of each other.
Confidentiality is a matter of course, your sincere intention to grow and wanting more in life is taken for granted.

Welcome to the autumn course in Quality of Life and Health in Sweden’s most beautiful nature, which we will of course spend some time in as well.

Søren Ventegodt 2020-09-16

PS The course’s central lessons are streamed online (free of charge), but the course is also a physical course and physical participation is recommended if you want to understand the principles of holistic healing.


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