Become part of the Retreat Center

The Retreat Center is ment as a place for personal growth and where you can be yourself truly.
The therapy consists of courses, individual therapy and group therapy: The courses in personal development are about finding your true self and understanding life. Individual therapy focuses on self-exploration/self-inquiry to find out who we truly are and what is preventing us from being ourselves fully. In the group therapy we learn from each other because all people are basically built the same way – and because it is much easier to see and understand others than to see and understand one self. — The therapy is holistic mind-body medicine.
During your stay as a patient at the Elsebråne Retreat Center you can participate in our daily therapy group that lasts between one and two hours and is lead by Søren and Pavlina.
For more information and questions about staying with us as a patient, feel free to write us! We are looking forward to hear from you and would love to welcome you at the farm.


What does it cost to be a patient (2014)?

The farm is bought grace bank loans to a few percent in interest and therefore the rent is low. The food is simple and vegetarian, but good, healthy and nutritious. All labor on the farm, except farm management, is voluntary. Furthermore the retreat center gets financial support from Søren Ventegodt’s family for maintaining the farm. All this makes it possible to offer the stay at Elsebråne Retreat Center for an exceptionally low price.
Patients pay (2014) 100 DKK. per day for accommodation and food and 100 DKK per day Therapies, ie a total of 200 DKK per day or 6000 DKK. (800EURO) per month! The courses cost extra. Students with small means can get further discounts.


What do the patients learn here?

• to work with themselves and others – sex, mind, body, emotions.
• to be social
• to work
• To love life and the world around them.
They often form friendships for life and sometimes they also find a partner.
Watch the video about the center here


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