The services offered in 2016 by the research centre and the companies it owns are:
  • Lectures on quality of life, holistic health, mind-body medicine, sexology, quality of working life, how to survive retirement etc. Please contact us for details. Link to “Companies and organisations who have used our services in Denmark”
  • Courses on quality of life, holistic health, mind-body medicine, sexology, quality of working life. Many courses are open to the public Courses
  • Training as a therapist, both in groups and individual (on skype/ video conferences). LINK “SKYPE SESSIONS”
  • Treatment with holistic medicine/sexology. LINK “SKYPE SESSIONS”
  • Advice for improving the quality of life and solving existential problems.  LINK “SKYPE SESSIONS”
  • Research on quality of life, quality of working life, holistic health, scientific holistic medicine etc. Books and Scientific papers
  • International conferences


The controversies

The research done in “Quality of life as medicine” (see the protocol LINK) seems to indicate that treatment with holistic medicine is completely safe, without significant side effects and very efficient to treat the experience of a low physical or mental health, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunctions and problems, and work-related problems. About half the patients experienced to be well again after 20 sessions of holistic therapy (NNT2).
The therapy focuses on body (and sexuality), mind (and consciousness) and spirit (and love) and it has been debated if this focus, which seems to be the time-honoured focus of the traditional European Hippocratic doctors through two millennia is relevant and ethical in a modern society.
It has been questioned if the therapy is completely without significant side effects, or if the rarely occurring state of short term reactive psychosis, that occurs in one of about 64.000 patients and seem to have spontaneous remission without sequel, should be considered a “significant” side effect.
It has also been debated whether the subjective experience of improvement from the therapy is related to a similar objective improvement of the diseases.
The questions are now subject of research worldwide. In the USA Dr. Dean Ornish has documented the effect of holistic medicine on coronary heart disorders and prostate cancer. More similar studies are on their way, and today this line of research seems to indicate that holistic therapy of the subtype mind-body medicine is the most efficient cure there is for most physical and mental diseases. Recently Dean Ornish heart cure was officially acknowledged of USA’s health insurance MediCare. While USA has made up its mind and found alternative medicine very useful, the discussion seems to continue in Europe, where strong commercial forces seem to work against the alternative medicine.


Major research interests

  • Quality of life as medicine
  • Clinical holistic medicine and sexology
  • Holistic existential therapy
  • Rehabilitation of existential coherence
  • Theoretical biology and explanation of ontogenesis
  • Biological information and human metamorphosis
  • Fine structure of universal energy
  • Cosmology
  • Consciousness theory
  • Character medicine
  • Medical ethics
  • Quality of working life
  • Human evolution
  • Methods of Self-inquiry


Research programs 1986-2011

1986 Theoretical biology
1989 Quality of life
1990 Prospective paediatric cohort
1992 QOL and health
1993 QOL and informational technology
1994 QOL, health and ability
1995 Matter, life and consciousness
1996 Quality of Working Life, expert systems in QOL
1997 QOL as medicine
1998 Holistic medicine
1999 Consciousness-based medicine
2000 Love, power, sex (in human development)
2001 Spontaneous healing of cancer
2002 Documentation of effect of treatment
2003 Coherence and existential rehabilitation
2004 Holistic sexology; Character medicine
2005 Human metamorphosis of mind and body
2006 Holistic treatment of schizophrenia
2007 Body psychotherapy and ethics of therapeutic touch
2008 Holistic treatment of cancer
2009 Applied salutogenesis in non-drug medicine
2010 One-session healing (Shamanistic non-drug medicine)
2011 Methods of self-inquiry


The open source protocol

The research has followed a scientific protocol that recently has become open source so similar projects can benefit from using it. Here is the abstract:
We have developed the concept of Open Source Research Protocols to allow every patient, physician, researcher and medical authority full and current insight into our international research team’s research and development in clinical holistic medicine (CHM). Only by openness and a free dialog with all interested parties will we be able to avoid bias and secure a high quality and speed in the development of CHM. Holistic mind-body medicine is today developed by researchers all over the world, and the ongoing publication of all aspects of the protocol enable us to guarantee that all aspects have been peer-reviewed and holding up to international standard. A standard both with regards to the quality of the research, the documentation of treatment efficacy and safety and all ethical, philosophical and methodological aspects. We encourage all medical researchers to shift to the Open Source Research Protocol format to minimize bias and accelerate medical research for the benefit of all patients. We encourage all public and private, national and international research organs, foundations and institutions to support the development of the scientific, holistic medicine and its institutions, financially and politically. Holistic medicine is consciousness-based medicine that uses conversational therapy and bodywork instead or as supplement to drugs and surgery. The experts in holistic medicine, especially its physicians, therapists and researchers, need protection, special attention and support as they might be up against strong commercial interests.
See the protocol here LINK


Skype Sessions

Individual training sessions and treatment sessions are offered on Skype.
Skype is a great media for training and the combined visual and audio contact allows for very intensive sessions of 30-60 minutes. We have much to our surprise found almost as good results with the Skype as with normal one-on-one sessions.
Normally there will be 10 or 20 sessions during a 6 or 12 month period.
Skype allows the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine and the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine to help and train people from all over the world, and Skype is free of charge. Groups can also be trained.
Please contact Søren Ventegodt for more information and prices.




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Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt

Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt from the Danish Army LINK1 LINK2 LINK 3
Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt from Niels K. Jerne, Germany
Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt from Joop de Jong, Holland, Niels K. Jerne
Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt from Joachim Israel, Sweden
Recommendations of Søren Ventegodt from Bob Withers
For the last 11 years Søren Ventegodt has been teaching on quality of life research in the Danish army.


Further information

If you want more information you can see the many articles on this web-page or search in Medline (just search for “Ventegodt” in You are also most welcome to contact the research centre:
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