Therapist training in Europe

Join the 2 year program to become a therapist!

Therapeutic education in Psychoanalysis, subtype: existentially oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy
with Søren Ventegodt MD, EU-MSc-CAM, as a two-years training course.

Educational training at the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine involves a mixed-methods approach of one-on-one therapy, scientific base work and group experience and is conducted partially on site and in remote sessions as is the usual practice. Self-investigative therapy is planned as part of the education.

The overall therapeutic training will fullfill the requirements for attaining a license in psychotherapy, consisting  of the following
– 100 hours of individual therapy sessions
– 30 hours of bodywork-based relaxation techniques
– 30 hours of group therapy
– 120 hours of supervised conducted therapy
– 120 hours of theoretical teaching with a specific focus on scientific research assignments, resulting in a minimum of 6 free-form publications


About the teacher:

  • 30 years of experience as therapists
  • MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM
  • 10.000 h experience
  • running a therapy school since 2000
  • Can fullfil formal criteria for European qualification



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