Nordic School of Holistic Medicine

The successful research in scientific holistic medicine and sexology lead to increased interest in the training of therapists at the clinic and in 2000 the overwhelming number of new students inspired the creation of the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine. Doctors, psychologists, sexologists and psychotherapists could integrate the holistic dimension into their work as they attended the many different open courses arranged at that time. In 2002 a four-year program was established to train therapists and in 2006 the students got the possibility to also obtain the Master of Science degree in CAM at the EU University Interuniversity College, Castle of Seggau, Graz, Austria.
In 2010 the international interest in the school lead to courses in South Africa, UK, Ireland, USA, Sweden and Norway. In 2011 even more counties were visited to offer training courses in scientific holistic medicine done in the “Nordic style”. This style is characterised by an equal emphasis on body, mind and spirit, and on sexuality, consiousness, and love.
In 2016 there are courses in:
  • Quality of life and spontaneous life management (introductory course)
  • Holistic health (introductory course)
  • Holistic medicine
  • Holistic sexology
  • Holistic psychiatry
  • Self-inquiry and spirituality
  • The art of being happy


After 5 courses, there is the oppertunity to take an exam leading to a Diploma as Holistic Therapist

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