Winter Course

Course in Quality of Life and Holistic Medicine,

Elsebråne Retreat Center, 1-5 Jan 2020 (start at 10 am on 1 Jan, end at 5 pm on 5 Jan)

Happiness does not come from outside, it comes from life in us. When we are alive and true, we are naturally happy. But we are more than that, we are also healthy, strong, interested in the world and talented.

We have a natural state. But to find it, we often have to heal. We hold a wounded child, and often see the world through the eyes of the wounded child. Therefore, the world looks difficult, people can be difficult to love, and life seems to miss opportunities.

We heal we have to encounter the emotions we initially ran away from. Meeting the emotions is a big challenge for us, because it is easy to escape the emotions and difficult to meet them purely. Bodywork and conversation about experiences, attitudes and beliefs are important elements in breaking free from past wounds and traumas.

In this course we work with ourselves to find the best version of ourselves. We help one another to face the pains and lies of the past so that we can become present, alive, and free from heavy, old thoughts.
As existence heals, the body, mind and sexuality accompany. We get healthy and we get sexual. This sexuality, which is life energy, must be understood and managed with intelligence and attention.
In the course, theory alternates with practical exercises.

Price: DKK 4500 all inclusive for 5 days (vegetarian food and overnight from Wednesday to Sunday evening or Monday morning).

Teacher: Søren Ventegodt

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