5-Day Course in Happiness and Health

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Celebrating the Traditional Hippocratic Medicine and the Science of Quality of Life

Teachers: Søren Ventegodt MD, EU-MSc-CAM, with Paulina Kordova

Date and place: July 18-22, 2022. The Great Hall, Kurrebo

Price: 600 Euros. The price includes food (vegetarian/vegan) and accommodation.


Content of this course:
The science of health and happiness, and the sacred, ancient medicine – evidence-based  practice of the traditional Hippocratic mind-body medicine.

A course for you who want to heal your life – and for you who want to be a healer. Meet and get to know Europe’s very own, traditional medicine.

  • Sacred body, sacred healing – heal your body from symptoms and disease
  • Sacred life, sacred mind – heal your mind. Solve your mental and existential problems.
  • Sacred sexuality, sacred relationship – accept the body, learn to live together
  • Sacred work, sacred talent – find your life’s purpose
  • Sacred spirit – go beyond yourself to freedom



If you are interested in our services send us email on ventegodt@livskvalitet.org or call/text us on phone +45 20 66 67 66


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