SummerCamp 2018

‘Find Your Self – Heal your Life’

Summer Camp 2018  / Week 29 – July 16-20 2018  / 4500 DKK

This course is for you: if your life is just fine but not great, if you have this dream about something more but you don’t know what it is or how to get it, if you don’t want to continue surviving and you want to start to live The Life, if you want change, if you like to get new perspective, if you love to meet new people.

You can be married, single, parent or student. Age doesn’t matter.

This course can be inspiring, challenging, transforming, spiritual and down to the earth at the same time.

It is hard to describe it – has to be experienced.



we work with a simple method for self- exploration which is inspired by traditional Hindu and Buddhist methods (modern Buddhist – Hindu syncretism ad modum Ramana Maharshi). In all its simplicity, this method teaches you to observe you thoughts to examine them and find out whether they are true or not. And so often they are not!

Two by two
we work to help each other out. We walk in the footsteps of Hippocrates who combined talk therapy with touch therapy. His idea was that the self-healing forces within us can only work when the difficult feelings from our personal history no longer is held by the body (as described in the famous book collection “Corpus Hippocraticum”).

In the group we use sharing (the “Talking Stick” ritual ) and other rites of the Native Americans (the Yagui and Delicate Lodge traditions).

Other Events:
Before the Summer Camp we have our “Work Week” and afterwards the “Meditation Retreat”
Read more about it below.

Welcome to Elsebråne 
The course costs 4500 DKK, all inclusive (3 meals vegetarian food, accommodation, course materials). There is room for 20 people on our romantic yellow course yard of 300m2, built as a log cabin in oak beams year 1844.



Work Week / Week 28 – July 09-13 2018 / discount 1500 DKK for activities

The farm is beautiful, spacious and charming but it needs lot of love, care and maintaining. Every year we are opening the season with one work week. You can join the group of happy people, give a hand, live with us for free and get nice discount for summer camp or meditation retreat.  There are a lot of projects going on, so you will always find work you can do (like painting, pluming, carpeting, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc….). Your dedicated efforts are expected 8h a day (9 – 13 and 14 – 18), in the evening we always have a wonderful time – swimming, visiting sauna, bonfire, walks, board games…. etc.


Meditation Retreat / Week 30 – July 23-27 2018 / 2800/3000 DKK

The above mentioned meditation retreat is for peaceful beingness, meditation and deep contemplation on the meaning, form, style, and values of your (future) life. The week is an opportunity, in a wonderful environment and relaxed atmosphere, for a moment to stop up totally, and look into yourself for a deeper truth. Without any specific agenda just come and live with us and let the days flow freely – and sink into truth. If necessary we offer personal consultations.


Teacher: Søren Ventegodt. Hostess: Pavlina Kordova

Course Address:

Elsebråne Training Center,

Elsebrånevägan 588-8, 37491 Asarum,

Blekinge, Sweden

(take the train from Malmö or Copenhagen Airport to Karlshamn station (2.5t) where we will pick you up )


Registration to, for questions and more info: call 0045 20 66 67 66 or write to


We hope to see you in July!

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