Kursus i livskvalitet og holistisk sundhed 2019

Course in quality of life and holistic health

Thursday, October 17, 2019 – Sunday, October 20, 2019

Four days course 10.00-17.00 at Elsebråne Retreat Center

Elsebrånevägen 588-8, 37491 Asarum 
Blekinge, Sweden
(Train from Copenhagen H to Karlshamn Station)

Lecturers: Søren Ventegodt and Pavlina Kordova


read in Danish here // read in Swedish here // read in German here


Quality of life is about happiness and about using all your talents to create value.
A good life is about using yourself to create value for yourself and others. It comes from having knowledge of yourself. The key is to live is such a way that you develop understanding and love for yourself and others.
This course is for seekers who want to solve deep and important problems in life, or for those who want to discover the wonderful, sweet sides of life.

Many people go through life without living it fully. Love, sexuality, friendship, relationship, maybe even the children and at least some good and meaningful work are important elements of life.

What prevents us from living happily is the mind: all the untrue thoughts we believe in about our self, other people and the world. To live fully, truly and in the present moment, we must put past behind us, and let go of all mind’s outdated conclusions.

On this course, we work dedicatedly to achieve a personal goal.

Theoretical teachings are combined with therapeutic methods such as discussions in the plenary about the meaning of life, meditation, talk therapy, bodywork, nature walks – alternating with joyful social intercourse, spa/sauna, and swimming in the local lakes and rivers etc.

No prior knowledge about philosophy of therapy is needed – but bring a good mood, willingness to share yourself with others, and a burning desire to learn more about yourself.

Course price incl. vegetarian food and accommodation Wednesday-Sunday: 3000- DKK

The course is in English.














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