Christmas Course 2016



Christmas Course – 25 to 29 December 2016


The message of Christmas is about love.
The strongest human expression of love is friendship, and friendship is the basis of all good relations, between lovers, study comrades, life partners, and in the family.
Friendship is the basis of a harmonious social life.
Friendship is essential for personal development as we need support to grow.
But to be a good friend, you must first be friends with your self and with life in general.
To love ourselves is perhaps the most difficult thing in human life, our life’s greatest challenge.
The ability to love comes with deep self-knowledge, because we are deepest down loving creatures. Unfortunately, life’s bumps and bruises often make us forget that we are that.

These 5 wonderful Christmas days are devoted to friendship, closeness, openness, and above all self-love, this culture greatest taboo. In self-love we become selfish in the best sense of the word: We learn to care for our own needs and our own happiness.
Only when we are happy and full of energy and resources, are we able to be valuable for other people too.

Happiness is therefore an important step towards becoming what we are destined to be: a perfect part of life and reality, a loving presence in the world and at service of all living beings.

Welcome to Elsebråne Sunday December 25th, 201. We start at 10AM with a small brunch for the newcomers. We finish the course the 29 th 4PM.
The course costs 4500 DKK, all inclusive (3 meals vegetarian food, accommodation at domatory, course materials). There is room for 20 people on our romantic yellow course yard of 300m2, built as a log cabin in oak beams year 1844.

Methods: Traditional holistic medicine with conversation and bodywork combined with other therapeutic and spiritual methods inspired by Jung, Perls and Reich, the oriental wisdom tradition (Sai Baba, Marharshi and others) and Native American shamanism (White Eagle, Strong Eagle, Carlos Castaneda and others).

Teacher: Søren Ventegodt. Hostess: Pavlina Kordova

Course Address:

Elsebråne Training Center,

Elsebrånevägan 588-8, 37491 Asarum,

Blekinge, Sweden

(take the train from Malmö or Copenhagen Airport to Karlshamn station (2.5t) where we will pick you up at. 9:30AM).

Registration to, for questions and more info: call 0045 20 66 67 66 or write to
Bring warm clothes for walks in the nature/countryside, loose clothing, and like a sleeping bag or bed linen (we have quilts / blankets / pillows).

We hope to see you at Christmas´ most beautiful event.

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