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Theory and Practice of Holistic medicine – 

Training in Sacred Ancient Medicine (SAM)


Preparation of becoming a holistic therapist:

Series of courses led by Søren Ventegodt and Pavlína Kordová

Preparation of holistic therapist for his / her own practice in physical, mental and sexual treatment.
We offer you two years of training that will prepare you for opening your own practice. You will work with talk and touch therapy (a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy and emotional touch), a traditional treatment method used by healers in Europe, as documented by Hippocrates.

With help of the self-awareness process, you will –throughout your training – master unique and powerful techniques and therapeutic tools. You will gain the ability to help others without the use of modern medicine. The training lasts two years. The first part contains mental preparation and training. In the second year we will start therapeutic work with your our clients under supervision (entry to the second part of the training is subject to qualification at the end of the first year). Your impact on clients will be evaluated. If you prove your mastery of techniques and sufficient understanding in the practice of helping your clients, it will be a great honor for us to award you a diploma. A diploma that demonstrates your talents and your level of abilities so that you can start your own supervised practice as an assistant therapist.

Courses include:

Training in self-awareness and philosophy of life – self-understanding on the level of body, mind, spirit and sexuality
Training in interview therapy – how to process and absorb emotional content, how to work with problems and traumas
Touch Therapy Training – Understanding the Body and Working with Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Problems
Sexology Training – How to work with sexuality and access sexual problems, peer and relationship therapy

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About lecturers
With over 250 scientific articles on quality of life and healing, and eight textbooks
on substantiated, holistic healing,
Ventegodt is a leading scientist in the 2500 year old tradition of European holistic therapy. Vedntegodt teaches and guides students in holistic medicine for two decades. He has thirty years of experience as a therapist. Thanks to medical studies, he led the Science Research Center on Quality of Life at Copenhagen Medical University in 1990. He also led the Nordic Campus of the College of Graz, which is awarded by the European Scientific Council in Alternative, Psychosocial and Complementary Medicine (2006-2008 ).

Pavlina is an essential psychotherapist and experienced therapist in bodywork. She is also Søren's partner and teacher at many courses. She leads therapy at the Meditation Center in Sweden. By bringing a woman's perspective to her teachings, she awakens the old healing tradition to life. Pavlina has a strong intuition and a gift of seeing through human problems and understanding their causes.




Intensive 5 days training
Course from the  13. – 17.11.2019 in Maitrea, Prague

A loosly connected second module of Sacred Ancient Medicine (SAM). If you weren’t on the first module, you don’t need to worry and you can sign in. The first module is not necessarily required for the work on this event.
Training takes place twice a year in 5-day cycles.

In theory and practice, we will explore the basic SAM procedures.
We will get acquainted with ethics and basic rules of holistic medicine. Part of the training is always in the form of a theoretical lecture, followed by a practical part of the work with techniques and methods of holistic medicine.

Day 1: Basic procedures for holistic SAM therapy
Day 2: Holistic Sexology Procedures
Day 3: Holistic Somatic Healing Procedures
Day 4: Holistic Psychology and Psychiatry Procedures
Day 5: Holistic Therapy and Healing Procedures – Caring for the Whole Human Being

It is already well known the connection of conversation therapy and body work for the purpose of healing the body, mind, spirit, and sexuality. For the first time, it was scientifically described by the Greek physician Hippocrates and his students 500 BC.

In the last 100 years, doctors have been studying mainly the use of chemical drugs and holistic medicine in its original form has been used significantly less than in the past. During the 20th century, patients around the world developed strong beliefs in chemical drugs. The problem with these drugs is that they often remove symptoms without actually curing the problem. And that brings bad health into a chronic state.

Over the past 30 years, a great deal of new science has pointed out that holistic healing often helps to heal more than 50% of patients – and often puts them in a new, happy life with a much greater understanding of themselves and others. Recent science in psychodynamics, psychotherapy, and well-founded holistic healing, as it seems, supports the position of traditional healing: that not only sexual dysfunction and psychological or essential problems, but most of the physical, mental and disease symptoms are actually psychosomatic.

Emotions are the basis of most human health problems in the rich Western world. The causes of symptoms and illness are found in the patient’s unconscious mind, which recalls the traumatic experiences of the past. Only when the difficult and suppressed emotions are re-sensed and the experiences of grace are very well understood can the negative knowledge (conditional) be unlearned and the problems solved.

Thus, the ancient rule of healing is:
1) feel – suppressed emotions
2) understand – what happened to you
3) release – Your negative beliefs.
The role of a holistic therapist is to support and ensure this simple healing process. As has been scientifically proven in recent years, these three steps are present in shamanic and traditional treatment systems on all continents.

Join the training and discover the miracles of Holistic medicine and learn how to help yourself and others in the next part of Holistic medicine training focused on theoretical and practical practice.

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Clarity and sharpness of Soren’s answers. Simplicity and convenience, without unnecessary sauce. A look no one has ever shown me.



The workshop was one of the most beautiful and most amazing experience of my life. Søren’s sincerity is a blessing.


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