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Nordic School of Medicine
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proudly presents
Program for training in SAM 2020
Sacred Ancient Medicine – Evidence-based, holistic therapy
for physical, mental, sexual and existential problems


Dear students,

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all soon in Maitrea for the November 13-17, 2019 course!
Remember the possibility to book a private session in Maitrea Monday November 18th! (1800 Kč).

In 2020 we have the following dates for courses in SAM/Holistic Medicine:

  • Sweden January, 1-5th, 2020: Exploration of the beauty of personal growth and training in talk and touch therapy. Venue: Elsebråne Retreat Center, Elsebrånevägen 588-8, 37491 Asarum, Blekinge, Sweden. 7900 Kč
  • Prague April 28-May 3rd, 2020: Five days on intensive healing for everybody who wants to be able to help others. Venue: Toulcův dvůr ( Kubatova 32/1, 102 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař. 7900 Kč.
  • Sweden July 13-17th, 2020: Five days intensive group therapy and self-exploration for future therapist. Venue: Elsebråne Retreat Center, Elsebrånevägen 588-8, 37491 Asarum, Blekinge, Sweden. 7900 Kč
  • Prague November 10-15th, 2020: Intensive therapeutic work with existential talk therapy and bodywork for future therapist. Venue: Toulcův dvůr ( Kubatova 32/1, 102 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař . 7900 Kč.

During these four courses, we live together, and work the whole day and continue in the evenings, so the courses are intensive. The intention is that we go deep and grow fast.

In the proud tradition of European medicine, going back 2500 years to the great physician Hippocrates, the doctor or therapist is the tool of healing. Holistic medicine is born out of love, wisdom, compassion and a deep understanding of our human nature. Anything that can be healed, can be healed with holistic medicine, because the true healer is the self-healing powers within the patient him- or herself. As Hippocrates said: There is not art of medicine; there is only the art of true living. A good and true person will always help others, and will never harm.

Price for one course in 2020, including food and accommodation: 4500 DKK/600Euro
Price for two courses in 2020, including food and accommodation: 8000 DKK/1067Euro
Price for three courses in 2020, including food and accommodation: 11000 DKK/1467Euro
Price for all four courses in 2020, including food and accommodation: 14000 DKK/1867Euro
OBS: Students under 25 years old is getting 50% discount in 2020.
(These prices are for citizens from US and EU, except Czech Republic and Slovakia.)

We expect you to participate in at least two of the courses in 2020, if you are following the therapist-training program at Nordic School of Medicine.

We attach two textbooks, which concerns the training in the difficult areas of holistic sexology and holistic psychiatry. There will be explanations in Czech on the courses, so the reading is recommended, but not obligatory.

The training in SAM takes four years. After Two years, you are able to work as a therapist under supervision. After two more years, you are able to open your own practice. The conditions for this is that you pass the theoretical exams after two and four years, that you complete your own therapy, and that you demonstrate that you are able to work as first a therapist under supervision with good results, and thereafter as an independent therapist with good results.

Furthermore, we can inform you that from January 1st Nordic School of Holistic Medicine and Maitrea work as two independent organizations. The tuition fees for courses in 2020 are therefore paid directly to the Nordic School of Holistic Medicine, who is organizing the courses.

Please write for more information about the 2020 courses to or see You can also call Pavlina +46 76 247 71 60 who is happy to answer your questions regarding therapy and therapist training.

See you all in Maitrea November 13th!

All the best

Søren Ventegodt,
MD, EU-MSc-CAM, Director  (Nordic School of Holistic Medicine)

Pavlina Kordova
Teacher, holistic therapist (Nordic School of Holistic Medicine)

Josef Sila
Production Team (Maitrea)


Important information about therapist training in SAM 2019/2020
It is important that you understand, that in holistic therapy the therapist is the medicine. You are yourself the tool that heals. It is not so that you learn some techniques, which by themselves work miracles on your patients. You have to use yourself, fully and in all aspects: body, mind and spirit. We are training bodywork and talk therapy, but only so you can find out how to do the therapy in your own original way and style.
It is all about finding yourself, and finding your own style of thinking and working.
When you land in what is truly your own joyful and powerful way of working, you will see that what to do fits perfectly to your own talents and to the great gifts of love and care you are offering your patients.
Nakedness, breath-work, psychodrama, the tools of psychodynamic psychotherapy, time-line therapy etc. are introduced to help the student, but only so you in the end can be so creative, that you yourself can invent a new treatment for every new patient that comes to you. For that is what it takes to help: You need to find the you that is both loving and compassionate, patient, and at the same time daring, unpredictable and creative, shining fresh, and sparkling intelligent. There is a version of you that is like that, but this version of your self is what you need to look for and find.
In the end of the day, what works is your love and courageously self-less actions, to support, inspire, teach, guide and this and way other ways help your client or patient.
To be a good therapist you need to know yourself well, and to do so, you much go through a lot of therapy yourself. We are during the therapist training working two and two in couples, where we practice the art of helping each other. It is difficult because to do this flawlessly you need to forget yourself.
To come to such a state where you are truly at service for others can take years. But don’t give up even if it is difficult, and even if you for a long time feel that you are not making it. If you just practice patiently, persistently, reflect deeply on all that happens, and take learning continuously, you will go there eventually. That we can promise you.


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